Where's Jerry?


Mar 3-5   Gainesville GA Sectional

Mar 9-19   Kansas City MO NABC

Mar 27-28   Southern Pines NC Seminar

Apr 6-9   Charlotte NC Sectional

Apr 17-23   Gatlinburg TN Regional

Apr 26-27   St Simons GA Seminar

Apr 28-30   Greenville SC Sectional/GNT

May 11   Marin County Bridge Club, CA Seminar

May 12   Palo Alto Bridge Club, CA Seminar

May 13   Los Altos Golf & Country Club, CA Seminar

May 29-Jun 4   Tampa FL Regional

Jun 5-11   Greenville SC Regional

Jun 16-17   La Crosse VA - Peggy Helms Art Show

Jun 25-Jul 2   Moncton NB Regional

Jul 9-12   Vail CO Seminar

Jul 18-31   Toronto ON NABC

Aug 3-6   Columbia SC Regional

Aug 29-Sep 4   Atlanta GA Regional

Sep 15-16   Daytona FL Sectional

Oct 3-9   Ottawa ON Regional

Oct 23-29   Charlotte NC Regional

Nov 7-10   Daytona FL Regional

Nov 14-15   Little Rock AR Seminar

Nov 17-19   Spartanburg SC - NAP

Dec 2-3   Tucson AZ Seminar

Dec 27-Jan 2   Myrtle Beach SC Regional

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2017 Moncton NB Moncton NB Regional
2017 Vail Valley CO Vail CO Seminar
 Jerry Helms - Mr. Bridge
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   Some of Jerry's reviews:  
"Jerry Helms is one dynamic teacher you just can't miss. Well known for his humor and ability to mind-meld with his audience, you'll be amazed at how much Jerry can turn learning bridge into so much fun. He is the Pied Piper of bridge students at all levels. I have my own I Love Jerry button and encourage students and other bridge teachers alike to see this well loved bridge teacher in action."
-- Leslie Shafer
publisher of Bridge Students 'R Us

"I attended your most recent seminar in Jacksonville Florida.  I was completely overwhelmed with the clarity of instruction that you provided. I learned more in the first two hours of the seminar than I have learned by reading the dozen plus bridge books I own.  In the past I feel like I have stumbled around in the dark as declarer; this seminar turned on the LIGHTS! I now feel like I have an ingrained process for the approach to play of the hand.  Wow!  Why didn't I do this sooner?"
-- Frank Stagl, Gainesville, Florida

"Every month, when the bulletin comes in, I go directly to"Ask Jerry". your column is really great - informative, well written, sprinkled with a little humor, and worth re-reading. (maybe that's how this "little old lady" has arrived at seventy six hundred master points). anyway - I think that it's time that I say "thank you" - and to tell you how much I enjoy them. and your jerry-isms are fabulous!"
-- Charlotte Baff
"Jerry is that rare combination of a great teacher, a fine bridge player, and a vibrant personality.  He has a special knack for organizing and presenting material in a manner that can be easily understood by players at all levels."
-- Audrey Grant
"Jerry has a unique rapport with his audience. He creates an instant link and people soak up everything he says. He manages to hit just the right level for all levels of players. Something for everyone. They love his sense of humor and his fabulous presentation."
-- Barbara Seagram,
Kate Buckman Bridge Studio
Toronto, Canada

"Thanks for the terrific classes -- you're materials are excellent, the play of the hands reinforces what you tell us, and you're an entertaining instructor. "
-- Becca Ostrom